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Thread: Backlit keys not working

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    Backlit keys not working
    This is driving me nuts...

    First day I got my MBP the backlit keys wouldn't work, I found the only way to turn them on was to push really hard on f5 and f6 at the same time. Now they don't want to know at all. They came on very dimly earlier and then when I let go of f5 and f6 they went off and will not come back on for love nor money. I'm a windows guy, but I tried to get my head around it.. I reset the pram and smc and still nothing, labtick makes no difference at all... I'm in a black room and they still will not come on!! What can I do?

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    If your macbook is still under warranty, I suggest you to just take it back to them and ask for a replacement. Getting the backlit keys to work shouldn't be such a hassle.

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    Sounds like a short in the light/key logic board, I'd definitely get that machine to an Apple store!

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