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    Looking to buy a new MBP, please help me choose!
    Hi all,

    I'm sure there are countless threads about this, but I am looking to make a big purchase and would like some advice for my personal situation. I currently have a late 2008 unibody macbook 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB etc pretty basic.

    I am now looking for a 15in MBP that I will be able to keep and not need to replace for quite some time. It will primarily be used for music programs like Logic 9 (main use), Traktor Pro, and Ableton. Also, some video editing and possible basic graphic design.

    That being said will any of the 15in's be sufficient? Any must have components? Thoughts on refurbished machines from Apple? Any suggestions are appreciated!


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    There are a lot of threads, but there's nothing wrong with getting excited about a new Mac and asking questions!!!

    I don't have a lot of experience with Logic 9, and none at all with the other programs you named. So I can't speak to specifics about that... but, with (heavy) video editing, and graphic design, I can!

    Of course the 15 inch models would be sufficient! The general rule for safety when editing/creating stuff, is to buy the best gear you can afford. There's only a couple hundred buck difference between the i5 and i7, and only a couple hundred more for the highest end i7. I'd spring for that if possible, if you're buying new. 400 dollars is a lot, but it will stretch you further into the safety net of "futureproofing" over time. RAM I would suggest leaving base, and upgrading yourself later, it is MUCH cheaper that way! And upgrading RAM won't void your warranty.

    Refurb store is a great way to go too! Save a few bucks, and every item sold there is like brand new, and comes with the same warranty as a brand new machine. Apple goes through the refurbs with a fine toothed comb. You can even buy Applecare for them! You can't go wrong getting a machine that way either.

    Best of luck getting the machine that works best for you!
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    I believe that even the 13 inch model will suit your needs in this case. I'm not very experienced in Macs yet, but the programs you listed don't seem too spec demanding to me. The 15 inch base model will suit your needs just fine if you're looking for a larger screen.

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