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    Blue Screen of Death?
    I hate joining a forum to simply *take* advice, but in this case I really need some help. One day, I will return the favor.

    I am getting the Blue Screen of Death on my new (1 month old) MBP 15".

    Let me explain: I'm running the computer a lot, sometimes with and sometimes without Parallels and Windows 7. And it gets hot. Really hot. Too hot to set on my lap.

    Well what's been happening, is the system will suddenly blank to a blue screen for about 5 seconds, the cursor will then appear, then the desktop reappears, then the dock. All programs are shut down, but the finder will re-open any finder windows.

    It's like a full restart, but I never see the white(gray?) screen with the spinning dial.

    It DOES NOT seem to be heat related. Today it happened when I opened the lid after several hours of non use, and parallels was NOT running.

    The conditions are never really the same, and I know I can't go to an Apple store and replicate the problem.

    Any ideas would be GREAT! I did just run some software updates within the past few hours.

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    With a computer that new and an intermittent problem, it's best to take it on in to Apple and let them deal with it. Even if they can't find anything or replicate the problem, you'll have it on record in case the intermittent problem goes further south.

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