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    MacBook Internal Hard Drive converted to External Hard Drive (metal plate)
    So I recently installed the new WD 750gb caviar black SATA drive into my 2007 macbook. It has been running great (I still need to figure out how to run performance tests but that is another day another thread).
    I removed a 160gb Hitachi hard drive and in doing so, I needed to remove a metal plate connected by 4 vortex screws and place it upon the new WD hard drive. My question is, having purchased an aluminum external hard drive case for my hitachi hd, do I need to find a replacement metal plating (not sure what else it would be called) before place it into it's new enclosure? If so where would I be able to find one and what would be a more appropriate never for the item at hand.
    Thank you very much for any help you may be able to give. I am a neophyte in terms of computers but thanks to forums such as Mac Forum, I have been able to successfully transfer a hard drive / information (surprisingly straight forward).
    thx again!

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    No, the metal plate is a shield which is used in the MacBook and is not needed in an external carrier. I did the same thing and the 160GB Hitachi drive that I removed and placed in a carrier is working great. No shield needed.

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    Thanks much chscag! Internal to external soon to be a success!

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