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    Whats the best ram ?
    If money were no object, what is the best ram upgrade for a mbp 8gb worth ?

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    "Best" is pretty subjective. Memory is pretty much a commodity, so for the most part, I recommend sticking with vendors who specifically guarantee compatibility.

    I recommend Crucial ( and
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    I bought 8gb of NuRam from OWC - because cost was an object. That being said the RAM has been working great. I am able to run 2 Virtual Machines (1 linux, 1 windows) without going into too much swap (maybe 1 gb)
    OWC Expands Memory Line-Up With NuRAM Memory Upgrade Kits | Other World Computing Blog
    They have a lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.
    They also have a rebate for your old ram - if you aren't going to do anything with it

    I had looked at Crucial - and that is who I normally use when building a machine - but with the price and warranty I went with the NuRam for the Mac.

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