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    Getting Ready to buy a new MBP 13"
    Hi all. I've been a tech for many years and the last 2-4 have been primarily in System administration (Specifically Unix/Linux). For the last three I've been patiently waiting for my Windows Laptop to die so I could replace it with a new Mac. I want it because I get the advantages of running a BSD based OS and I can still get support and quality software. One of the questions I had is are there any groups/communities of Mac "hackers" (I mean hackers in the traditional sense not the medias skewed definition). I don't relish the idea of everything being a complete black-box all the time (I know this is against the typical Mac philosophy). I want things to just work which is part of the reason I'm switching but when things do go south (e.g.) kernel panics etc I like to fix things myself. Input?

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    Probably my favorite site for "hacks" or little known features is MacOSXHints. Otherwise, I'd hop on Sourceforge and check out the Fink project, lots of commonly used *nix utilities that can be compiled and run on the Mac. The nice thing about the Fink project is that everything is installed in a /sw directory, and the /sw is added to your path, so you can type in the commands simply, but if you ever want to remove it all, just delete one directory.

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    Thanks much!

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    Community type stuff
    I like Fink as mentioned
    Fink - Home

    But I've been using Macports for FOSS of late.
    The MacPorts Project -- Home

    I like iclarified for tutorials (includling jailbreaking)
    iClarified - Tutorials

    Programming help
    Cocoa Dev Central
    Mac OS X Reference Library

    Some useful stuff
    For trackpad/magic mouse additions I like better touch tool.
    Great Tools For Your Mac By Andreas Hegenberg BetterTouchTool, BetterSnapTool & SecondBar

    getting to a shell easier
    Download ShellHere 1.0.5 Free - Open a new Terminal window from Finder - Softpedia

    hack your desktop with geektool
    15 GeekTool desktop inspirations for the weekend

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