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    Please help with MacBook Air display
    My daughter had the misfortune of dropping her Airbook at uni. Both hinges broke but the machine still worked adequately for her to recover assingments and research for exam prep. Soon after - the damaged hinges severed the cables and the machine 'died'.

    I bought a pair of hinges, antena replacement and new cables and managed to boot the machine but the display simply shows dark bands and vertical red and white stripes which seem to change as the boot sequence progresses. I have tried an external monitor and it works perfectly. The machine is out of warranty as it was pre-owned.

    Some 'experts' say it is the logic board and others blame a faulty display.

    I would like to try a 'diy' fix to avoid the exorbitant costs.

    Any one have similar experiences (with a successful outcome) to share?

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    It's not a faulty logic board if an external monitor works OK. The display might have been damaged in the fall, however, it's more likely that you have cable trouble knowing what the broken hinges did.

    In my humble opinion Dad, it may be time to buy daughter a new computer and also buy accidental damage insurance for it. A MacBook Air is also not a very good computer for university use as it can't be upgraded and has no optical drive.

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    Logic board display dilemna
    Hi chscag
    I am glad to hear that the logic board may not be the problem.

    I am faced with a dilemna because even after the fall, the display still worked even though the damaged hinges could not hold it upright.

    Both damaged cables were replaced with a new pair for lcd camera and mic. See pic attached. So the problem is reduced to possible cable and/or lcd replacement - unless the cables I bought off ebay are shonky.

    I agree with the decision to buy her a new one - and gave her a MacBook Pro (with insurance), as a Christmas present for successfully completing and graduating after 4 years of study .

    I am a proud dad and she is a very happy young lady with her MacPro.
    The Air is just a diy project that i would like to repair for music storage.
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    I have gotten some MacBook Air in for repair with the same issue. If it was a bad logic board the Mac wouldn't be working from that kind of drop.

    Good Luck!

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