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    Macbook Pro unibody DVD drive
    Hi guys, im new here, looking for some advice.

    My dvd drive on my macbook pro 13" unibody is playing up, it makes a odd noise when a disc is inserted, like something plastic is scratching.

    my DVD burner is GS23N SB03, i think i need to replace mine. Ive found a burner on the net but its a GS23N S23NA, does anyone know if i can swap mine for this? and would i need to do something software wise to get it to work?

    many thanks

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    Assuming your 13" MBP is no longer in warranty, I suggest going to OWC and order a replacement optical drive from them. They're Mac specialists and have only the best of replacement parts on hand. You can call them on their 800 line and ask if you have any questions on what to order. Here is the LINK.

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