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    iBook G4 (2005) 12"/1G ram/40G HD/10.5
    Ibook G4 Component Issue
    Hi all.

    I have an Ibook G4 12'' (late 2005) I would really like to experience reparing.

    A year ago I installed 1 Gb of ram in the slot provided. In later months, I installed a larger hard drive. About 3 months ago
    I opened it up to fix the DVD drive which wouldnt always eject a disc. Shortly after the startup it wouldnt recognise the 1Gb extra RAM, then when powering up I noticed a burning smell. It appeared to be a transistor near the extra ram.
    The device is an SMD "Q811" (as per photo).

    ibook bad component.jpg

    My dad can help me as he has a lab. I need to know is it a transistor or other 3 terminal device. Is it a "PNP" or "NPN".
    Is a circuit diagram available or can or will Apple to tell what it is?

    Any help with be appreciated.
    Regards, peanut_craker

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    You are probably better off scouring ebay for a simliar spec ibook, probably with a broken screen as a parts sale for a replacement motherboard

    Or even a crapped out ibook that may have the component on it
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