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    Cool PowerBook G4 black box around selection and more
    I have a PB G4, recently upgraded to 10.4.11 for a month. Yesterday, inexplicably, there started appearing black boxes around random icons, buttons, and even just large ones on the screen. Never more than one at a time and pretty random. Also, the computer voice started speaking everything and it isn't turned on. But that's random too. Right now it isn't doing it. Also, the screen is showing signs of dying as in certain positions it freaks out and gets all wacky. This machine is about 6 years old. Is it dying a slow and painful death?? Any ideas? - Thanks

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    I'm not familiar with Tiger, but it sounds like you may have inadvertently turned on "Voiceover". Open up your System Preferences, go to Universal Access, and turn it off.

    As far as the other symptom with the screen is concerned, it may be the GPU that's failing or the LCD itself. With a machine that old, it could be either one. And if it is, it probably would not be worth repairing.

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    Smile Worked!
    Thanks! That not only stopped the voice but the black boxes as well. Made me wonder if the voice was reading what was in the boxes. I didn't check that out but it seemed like the boxes were very random. Anyway, I wouldn't have thought to check Universal Access as I don't need it and never went in there. How the voice got turned on in the first place is a mystery!

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