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    superdrive problem
    So I have replaced the bottom case on my 17" mbp A1229 due to dents and the top case could use a replacement also. But since I put this all back together my superdrive is having a hard time spitting out discs. I dont know what the issue actually is, and right now I am having to use a blade to apply pressure to the bottom part of the actual insert hole. Does anyone have some advice as far as what needs to be replaced? The genius bar isnt an option for me as I live in WV and there is no apple store in my state and pittsburgh is too far for this problem. ANY help is appreciated!!

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    It sounds like when you replaced the bottom case, it didn't line up properly and is obscuring the superdrive. Or when you put the case on, the superdrive may have been misaligned. Take it apart again and refit it to see if you can line it up properly.

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