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    First few days with a Mac - Results
    After buying hundreds of pc`s over the years (work etc) I purchased my first Mac this week.
    My concern was the ability to use windows apps on the Mac etc but after installing Parallels and then Windows XP I seriously cant believe how fast they are, I cant think of a better laptop than this, everything works perfectly and with ease, not only that, so much faster.

    Not having to worry about drivers being installed correctly etc help as well, I wish i`d done it years ago !

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    Welcome to the Mac World, i'm sure you will enjoy it as much as most of us here do. I was exactly the same as you, gotten through a lot of PCs and finally got an opportunity to get a MBP. I have the same setup too. Parallels running Windows although it's Windows 7, which runs unbelievably quickly. I also have Ubuntu Linux on Parallels, I can run both OS's on top of OSX and have absolutely no problems, and this is a Late-2008 machine.
    Glad you're on the light side now

    - Simon

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    I haven't had a need to venture into the pc world since I got my mac. I thought that I might need to so that I could use my property management system (SCO based) but I found the Macwise emulator and...well boot camp or parallels is just not needed. Good riddance pc.

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