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    Superdrive Superproblem.. Please Help!! :(


    My 4 Year old got a Dvd Stuck in my superdrive and I could not get it out! I then removed the superdrive and when I attempted to pop off the cable from the Logic board side the Socket that has the 8 pins on each side connected to the logic board detached from board on the side closest to the superdrive!! The other side is still connected but the other 8 pins need to possibly be soldered back onto Logic Board...Is it possible to solder them back?...There is 8 seperate lines that run along the surface of the logic Board to each pin that comes down off of the socket itself on the side of the socket where it is detached. Any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED as I CAN NOT afford to have Apple fix it!(Out Of Work Right Now) The superdrive still spins but will not eject disk or read disks onto display and in system profiler it says..."Disk Burning Device Not Found" The rest of the Macbook Pro works PERFECT! I have photos of the connector...THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR TIME AND ANY HELP Someone can give me. Here are some PICS...

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    Your photos didn't post for some reason. But, no matter. Soldering those connectors back on to the board may likely result in damaging the board. That type of repair is best done by someone who has the right kind of equipment and is familiar with close in and delicate soldering.

    I don't know why you had to remove the superdrive in the first place. There are many other methods of ejecting a stuck DVD from the drive before the drive has to be removed. Anyway, too late for you.

    Since you can't afford to have it repaired, I suggest buying an inexpensive external USB optical drive and use that until you get back to work.

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