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    Unhappy fixed but not really - help!
    So last week, a friend of mine tripped and spilled beer on my MacBook Pro. After sitting it in a huge tray of rice, taking it apart and cleaning/drying it, and letting it sit for a few days, it turned on, but the screen didn't work, and it wasn't responding to the charger.
    I brought it to a place called hi-tech NY in Chinatown (Hi-Tech Electronics Service Center) and though at first I wasn't sure how legitimate the place was, I decided to go through with it because they had good reviews online and I was paying for the repair (of damage I had nothing to do with ).
    So anyway, my receipt reads they repaired the logic board, replaced LP8543 (whatever that is) and some resistor capacitors, and modified the display interface. $300 later, It works sometimes, as I'm on it now... but it's been crashing at random. At first I thought maybe this would only happen if it weren't charging, but it's crashed a few times now while connected to a power source.
    I'm going to call them tomorrow and let them know about all of this, but I figured I would ask first on here if anyone knows what the problem might be, and how I should go about taking care of it. I'm getting pretty frustrated because I need a computer being that my semester just started, and I'm about ready to go buy a new one if only I had the money.

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    Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
    A beer spillage and a repair bill of $300 isn't right.
    It should have been upwards of $700, which would be replacing the logic board, not some half **** repair of the logic board.
    I would be contacting them.

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    Hi Liz:

    Drinks and computers don't mix. Spillage of something like beer on your computer will probably result in more damage over time. The short term damage may have been repaired, but other things will keep popping up.
    (Beer not only contains alcohol but also other corrosive chemicals which can eat away at the electronic components.)

    My advice is to repair what you can now by taking it on back to the shop where you had the work done. Then, sell it and use the money you get for it to buy a new machine. Just inform any prospective buyer of what happened and sell it as is.

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