My boyfriend has a 3-4 year old (black) Macbook, I have a brand new (unibody) Macbook Pro... We have Comcast's highest cable internet package, a brand new modem that's DOCSIS 3.0 compatible, and a mac Time Capsule serving as our wireless router. After I updated to Snow Leopard a few months back, my computer started having issues with wifi-- I can't always find internet connections even when people who have really old computers can, I don't get full bars even when I'm practically sitting ON TOP OF my Time Capsule, and my connection is often slow.

My boyfriend's older Macbook always gets full bars, and is consistently getting DOUBLE the speed test ratings I am, even when we are sitting side by side. (He consistently gets nearly 20 mbps, while I only ever get 10, sometimes only a max of 3mbps.) Why is this? Should I just take my laptop in to the Genius Bar?