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    Question Strange Screensaver issue on MacBook Pro
    Referring to a Macbook Pro, 13.3", running 10.6.6, 2.4Ghz Processor, 4GB ram.

    Started noticing an issue with the screensaver the other day. Screensaver comes on as scheduled, displays for about a minute, then quits and returns to the desktop. If you leave it alone it will repeat this cycle as scheduled.

    I cleared my caches, and deleted the only recently installed program, Caffeine, which I thought might be causing the issue. No change.

    Messed around with a couple settings in system preferences and chose "Test." As when it comes on as scheduled, the screensaver quit after about a minute, and I was greeted with an error message, "System Preferences has quit unexpectedly."

    Any troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wow! This is a really awesome forum! So glad I stopped by here or I wouldn't have gotten 31 people to look at my problem and not offer one iota of help. What a waste of server space.

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    The fact that your post had 31 views and no responses is not unusual if a problem is such that folks can't or are unable to offer a solution. Members that post here are volunteers not paid trouble shooters.

    Did you try to resolve the problem yourself by using the search function of these forums or a Google search?

    I might also add that your remarks above certainly haven't helped you to get any offerings for a resolution.

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