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    Mac Air 11 case --FREE out of FedEx Mailer
    Searching for a simple case for new Macbook Air 11, none fit the bill. Expensive or impractical. Made a simple, great case out of a padded FedEx mailer.

    Padded FedEx Mailer
    Clear packaging tape

    Time: 30 minutes or less

    Start by aligning mailer with flap facing down on your work surface at the top

    1. Measure and trace cutout for trackpad in bottom of mailer
    2. Measure and trace cutout for keyboard above trackpad
    3. Measure and trace cutout for screen above keypad on top half of mailer
    4. Measure and trace cutout for camera above screen
    5. Open your Air and carefully slide machine into mailer, scrunch it down, but be careful not to tear the thin strip of mailer between keyboard and display
    6. Shimmy the mailer to cover entire Mac Air, a little tricky since does not open flat, but mailer will stretch
    7. Fold mailer flap behind screen, on side with Apple logo, pull tight, and tape with clear tape. Do NOT use the mailer's adhesive strip. Helps to secure with a small piece, then use larger strip
    8. Carefully cut out side near fold of machine to allow access to USBs, power, mic, etc.

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    Going Galt...
    A+ for effort. Good, if not quirky, post!

    Hopefully it doesn't overheat.
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    lol instant ghetto mod. only needs silver duck tape around the edge

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    Inspiring thread. I'm going to use a USPS Priority padded envelope as a carrying case for my MBP 13.

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