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    Macbook doesnt' connect to wifi after update

    My Macbook which I bought in May '07 always connected perfectly to my wireless router (Netgear DG834g) until recently. I installed a job lot of apple updates for the first time in a year and now I cannot connect to my wireless network for love nor money unless I reinstall the OS to remove them! If I do that though itunes, quicktime and iphoto stop working and I have to reboot the PRAM.

    It recognises it's there but the connection keeps timing out when I put in the password (WPA). It can connect to the wireless signal for a while if I connect the router and Macbook together physically with some Cat5 first.

    I'm certain it's not a router issue as it's worked perfectly since day one until I installed these updates and it currently has 8 different devices that connect to it at home, including two ipod touchs and an ipad.

    Any help, advice or pointers would be much appreciated as I'm not sure I can be bothered reinstalling the OS again!



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    Have you checked Netgear to see if there is a firmware update for the router?
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