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    Smile Sleep Issues while on Windows
    Hi Guys...been a mac user for so long but its only recently that I discovered this. Anyway I have a problem with my 13" macbook pro on the windows side. So I dont konw if its hardware or software related. We have this software that we need to run occasionally to generate proposals which is Windows specific. However when we're done doing the proposal and we sometimes leave the MBP goes to sleep automatically to conserve power which I'm aware of. HOWEVER, after some time in sleep mode on windows (about 5-10 mins or more) wont wake up anymore! I need to press the power switch for a long time to hard restart it. Any insights please?

    Many thanks and may your tribe increase!

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    Not sure if it will help, but you can try resetting the SMC. That usually resolves the problem, but if your machine wakes from sleep normally while in OS X, I'm not sure it will have any effect on the Windows side.

    Have you tried going over the options for sleep and power saver settings from the Windows Control Panel?

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