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    How to make text scroll on my MB
    I literally had no idea where to post this question so mods feel free to move to appropriate location.
    I have been looking at buying a teleprompter for some law firm work... I really don't want to use much of my budget on this... I found an awesome video showing the setup for an ipad teleprompter (link is How To Build An iPad Teleprompter For Under $5 – WVU #98 : Web Video Secrets Podcast –
    But honestly, at this point, I would prefer to simply put my macbook on a laptop desk (link here: Mainstays Laptop Podium, Black: Furniture
    and just have the text scrolling on my laptop... so here is my question... is there a program that allows text to scroll on a laptop...
    Long explanation for a simple question...

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    Scroll continuously and automatically? Like you press "Start" and it just goes?

    I don't personally know of anything like that, but if you want to manually scroll the text, there are free apps to use your iPhone as a wireless mouse or you can just buy a $15-$25 wireless mouse of any brand (doesn't have to be an Apple mouse).
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    i used imovie hd and was able to use a template... i don't know how good that will be overall but working for now

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    I have seen some reports of booting PPC machines from USB drive though it appears. that it can be a bit ify. See Easily boot from USB 2.0 drives on PowerPC Macs - Mac OS X Hints for example. I thought there was a knowledge base document on the Apple site that listed the affected machines but I can't seem to find it.
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