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    2008 Macbook Pro with speaker issues

    My 2008 MPB 15 inch laptop started sounding really strange a while ago when I play through the internal speakers. The sound is really thin and almost like a set of bad headphones playing from a distance. The depth is totally gone. Actually I would prefer a set of bad earphones - I know the internal speakers aren't the best but these ones are not like they should be.

    I figured this could be due to a software problem so I just reinstalled Snow Leopard - a clean install. But the problem is still the same.

    Is there a firmware related issue, which I have not heard of? Or does it seem like I should send it in for repair?


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    I seriously doubt that a firmware update is what you are looking for. Most likely a hardware problem. I would take it in and let Apple take a look at it. Hopefully you have AppleCare on it and the problem would be taken care of. If you don't, at least they will properly diagnose the problem for you and you can make your decisions from there.
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