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Thread: Macbook internal wireless antenna upgrade.

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    Macbook internal wireless antenna upgrade.
    First off hi there, this is my first post, i hope i start off on a good note.

    I currently own a white macbook4,1 core duo which i take offshore to my job.
    We have wireless on the boat, but it is quite faint for most of the vessel. Is there a way to upgrade my internal wireless antenna? I am not interested in clipping an external on, as i already have to carry enough things out here, i just want it to work.
    I am comfortable opening up my macbook as i have had it broken down to the component level in the past, as long as i have instructions i can manage.

    If you have any time to share some light on this subject i would appreciate it, sorry if it has been asked a thousand times.


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    Where do u work?
    60% of the time it works every time.

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    The built in antenna in your MacBook is located in the top display assembly case and can not be upgraded easily, if at all.

    Whether you like to or not, your best bet is an external antenna. External USB antennas work fairly well - some are even powered to provide a signal boost. I have used one on my PC and it improved signal reception in poor areas by a factor of 3 to 5.

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