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    Jan 20, 2011
    Time Machine .inprogress file
    So this all stems back to me needing my backup files for my iphone.

    I did a Time Machine backup through an external hard drive, but it failed. I was able to find the iphone backup files through the .inprogress file by showing package contents.

    There really isn't anything important from that failed backup until now that I need, except for that iPhone backup. Is there anyway I can either:

    1. convert the iphone backup files into a file that I can use to restore my iphone.

    2. Possibly restore the macbook through the .inprogress file. (I believe all my information is there. It used around 120 gb, which is all that my macbook uses)

    3. Anything else that will work to make my iphone able to use the backup that is saved deep in that Time Machine backup. If I can't use it then I lose all my contacts, pictures, videos, and everything else from the past year.


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    Mar 02, 2011
    Please say that you can get the .inProgress files. I lost all my data and can't open the .inProgress file.. I'm freaking out please help..

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