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    Thermal paste reapplication and Nvidia warranty

    My 2007 MBP suffered from the heinously over applied thermal paste problem, and I removed and correctly applied it the first week after I bought it. It brought me just about 20C lower temps. I always understood this to void my warranty, but I also never anticipated a mass recall due to defective chips.

    Things were fine for 3 years, but now that it has succumbed to the widespread chip failure, I'm afraid it will jeopardize my claim. Then again, this isn't really an Apple issue, since Nvidia is footing it all, and the Apple warranty ran out over 2 years ago. Does that make them more lenient?

    When I did the job, I was meticulous, and literally left no fingerprints even, didn't directly touch the Kapton tape, etc. The chips were cleaned perfectly (no ghosted smears, etc) and the proper amount of arctic silver applied. So the only evidence left behind is the lack of factory paste slobbered everywhere.

    So should I take the whole freakin' thing apart again, and squash a fistful of paste on each chip so it looks normal? Or will they not even care? I mean, who is to say the factory wasn't running low on paste that day, and only put a normal amount on my chips?

    Since this was so many years ago, there is a normal amount of dust on everything - if I take it apart now, I'll leave marks in the dust, so I'll have to clean everything, and bringing in an internally perfectly clean MBP that's so old might seem suspicious in itself.

    Surely I'm not the first one to send in a failed GPU MBP with reapplied paste, so does anyone have any advice?



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    They're not going to care one bit. Just leave well enough alone and let Apple deal with it. You very likely extended the life of the GPU anyway. Besides, when they pull the old logic board and replace it with a new one, they're not going to take the time to inspect it for re-applied thermal paste.

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