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    Macbook pro 15" screen pixalating issues
    hey there all

    Strted having a slight issue with my macbook... the screen sort of pixalates and there are lines of weird coloured blocks running vertically across the screen and folders and files just become big pixalated boxes, now it doesnt happen all the time and it doesnt effect the comp in anyway but i want to fix the issue

    Now i have done some research and have been told it could be a video card issue, and i have been on the phone to applecare and its going to get looked at next week, the only problem i have is im a DJ and use my comp to perform each weekend so can't have it in repair for ages.... so whats the best way to tackle this problem??

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    If there's an Apple Store near you, they may be able to order a replacement part ahead of time and schedule your repair once it comes in. From my experience, if you bring the computer in on a Monday or Tuesday, odds are you'll have it back before Friday. Apple's goal for technicians now is same-day or less than 24 hours if the part is available. Not guaranteed, but that's what's expected by corporate.

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