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    Unhappy Macbook Pro won't turn on! Why oh why?
    At 2:00 my Macbook was working flawlessly. At 4:00 it was dead. Why?

    -Little white light on the front doesn't blink anymore
    -Green/orange power adapter light shines only a faint green, no longer bright green
    -When I press the button on the battery, one green light flashes
    -The other computer hooked up to the same power bar didn't get fried by a power surge or anything...

    What gives? I'm distraught.


    L. M.

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    Seems like it could be your power adapter has died and not been charging your battery. See if you can a: get another power adapter or b: just to check the laptop still works ok, a new battery (perhaps even swap out your battery with a battery from a same model laptop someone else has if you know someone with the same model)

    - Simon

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    swap the head on the power pack, my long one does not work anymore

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    I agree with the above, try to find a different adapter and see if thats the reason. Sometimes they just give up!

    I hope you find the culprit!
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    Jan 20, 2011
    Thank you! Hope you're right!
    Thanks for the ideas! I will try that. My mom has a Macbook Pro that's one version older than mine but it's probably all the same stuff.

    I hope that's all it is! I was thinking that it might be something simple like battery or the power adapter. Hope so.

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    My friend just had the long cord die on her. I told her to put just the prong plug to the adapter and its charging fine again. Could be just that.
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