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    Problems with my MacBook stalling while playing videos or scrolling
    I'm having a problem with my MacBook stalling when I play youtube videos or when i try and scroll down a webpage. It also happens when I'm typing quickly as well.

    I once asked the Genius Bar about this and they said something about how since Flash is hardware based it can get slow if there are a lot of applications open? But when I noticed it happening I closed all the applications except the one I was using and it didn't help.

    I recently got my harddrive replaced and when I got the new once it stopped doing it but none of my old stuff was transferred over. When I got another (bigger) new Harddrive, I transferred all my old stuff back over from a time machine backup and it started the stalling thing again.

    Please help! Any thoughts?

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    Sounds like you have an app/process running that's hogging CPU/disk/graphics power.

    Start by bringing up Activity Monitor and sorting by most CPU used. See if you can spot anything using a high amount of CPU time.

    Next go to System Preferences - Account - Login Items and see what loads at startup. Remove anything you don't use, restart your Mac and try again.

    If it's still happening disable them all (temporarily), restart and try again. If the problem goes away re-enable them one at a time, restart and try again until you find the cuprit. If it makes no differnce disabling them able post back and I'll have another think.

    Post back either way and let us know how you get on.

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