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    Weird Mac Book Charging problem.
    My girlfriend got a MacBook on Christmas Eve and a strange charging issue appeared last night. Essentially it will charge (showing an orange light) but about every 30 sec the charge light will flash green and in the upper right of the screen (where the charge status is )changes from the battery percentage to a message that reads "Not Charging". Then after that brief second it goes back to charging and the orange light, and then repeats. Also it seems like it is charging very slowly.

    I got a got all the software updates and used disk doctor to run a repair, but no change.

    Anyone else have experience with this problem? What is so weird to me is that instead of the computer just having the charge stop, it actually recognizes that it is "Not Charging", but only for that brief second before it goes back to charging.

    Any solutions to this problem would be helpful, especially if you can tell me if it is covered by warranty. Thanks!

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    i would take the MacBook and charger to the Apple Store and let them check it out and you have a 1 year warranty unless you bought Apple Care then up that to 3.

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