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Thread: problems installing program

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    Jan 18, 2011
    problems installing program
    i bought my first mac and i have a problem.

    i tried downloading and installing a program off more specifically frostwire
    i have dled it and installed it fine on my gf mac but this one isn't working

    the downloading worked perfectly fine but i can't seem to install it.

    when its finished dling from the website i get a icon on my desktop that looks like a harddrive. when i click it it opens a new folder which i click on the icon to open it to install it it gives me a message saying :

    "frostwire" is an application downloaded from the Internet. are you sure you want to open it?
    "frostwire" is on the disk image "frostwire-4.21.2.dmg". safari downloaded this disk image today at 11:08 from"

    when i select yes from that message nothing happens

    what am i doing wrong?

    how can i install this program properly? is there like a seeting that i need to adjust.

    thanks for your help

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    make sure you drag it off the disk image into the applications folder.
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    Apple recommends developers use application packages, with most of the support files embedded with the application. So Firefox is actually, which is a folder pretending to be an application, with its support files and executable inside. That allows a user to uninstall an app by simply dragging it to the trash. A DMG file is similar to a windows ISO, a virtual disk, and if a file doesn't have a specific installer, it will most likely be a drag and drop install.

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    Both absolutely right, when you download a file that is placed inside a .DMG (DMG being a virtual drive) you need to drag the application out of the dmg into your applications folder. Once you have done this you can drag the dmg to the trash bin to eject it then delete the downloaded folder housing the dmg.

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    For fuller instructions, double click the .dmg file and after it open either install the program if there is an installer, or simply drag it to the Applications folder. Many programs have an application folder besides the program with an arrow. That will also work.
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