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    Exclamation MacBook Pro charger shorting out for the 3rd time
    I got a brand new MacBook Pro in April 2010. Sometime during the summer my charger began shorting out where the charger light would go on and off when I would move the cord, or just randomly. When the light was off, it was shown as not charging on my comp. It got to be very annoying, and then finally it stopped altogether so I went into my local apple place and they had to request a new charger to be sent to them. I got the brand new charger. Then again some months later it began shorting out just like before. I had to once again get a new charger (they offered to give me one of the older chargers and I almost said yes just since I don't want it happening again.)
    And now currenly with my second new charger, it is now shorting out AGAIN. I've noticed that it makes a noise, I'm not sure if the chargers are supposed to make any sort of noise but I noticed it with the last ones too.
    Please note that I am not rough with my things, I use the charger and cords just like anyone would, being careful to not bend them too much etc.
    So what is the problem here?

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    The problem is with the newer type of charger that Apple is using. It has been troublesome, but not for everyone. My advice is to go back to the Apple store and ask for one of the older type chargers which seem to be much more hardy and long lasting.

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