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    Macbook Pro Thoughts
    I am looking for thoughts and insight to purchase options for a MBP. I have an earlier model of the black MacBook which I love. It is time to upgrade and pass this MB along to one of the younger ones in the house.

    I am looking at the 15" MBP and reading about Intel's i5 and i7. I am trying to decide which avenue to go down - 2.4, 2.53, or 2.66 AND 4 or 8GB of RAM and are these options worth the money. Here is what I am doing on my current MB:

    E-mail and internet
    Online database research
    Some photo editing (Adobe Photoshop)
    Very little video editing
    Presentations (PPT and / or Keynote)
    Numbers & Excel
    Document formatting (Word & Adobe Pro)
    Parrallels (Windows XP home) for 2 specific software apps not made for Macs
    IBM notes email client for work e-mail
    Cisco VPN to access school servers

    Any thoughts?

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    Your current black MacBook can do everything you a new MacBook Pro will do it even better.

    As far as the cpu speeds...any of them will be fine (they're all actually very close). Get 4 gig of ram now...and upgrade the ram later as needed.


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    I got a 13in MPB and I do almost all those things on a daily basis (except parallel) so I think you will be fine with just the 13in.

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    Generally speaking extra RAM and HD are way more expensive when ordered with the machine.
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