So I finally decided to get some protection on our new MBP. In addition to our existing bags/backpacks, I wanted a "skin" type cover that would be on at all times.

There's a few products choices, but I decided on the Speck Satin Case. The price was right (~$28 to my door via Amazon), wide range of colors and well reviewed.

The Satin version of their case is like the hardshell, but it has a "soft touch" surface. It's kind of like my Seido Innocase if anyone has used one (I'm using one on my current phone). The upside is it provides great grip on the machine, and a pleasant feel to the touch. The downside is it doesn't wipe clean quite as easy as a hard, glossy surface might.

I decided on red to add a little color - it's a really deep/dark red. There's all the usual suspects for colors, though not every color was available for both the hard and satin feel cases. The case is translucent, kind of a frosted type effect, so you still get a bit of visibility of the actual machine.

Install is about 1-2 minutes. There's a piece that snaps onto the lid (with very small "tabs" that secure it, and a bottom piece that secures the say way, and covers the bottom and sides. Note that there are a couple of variants, so make sure you get the correct one (MB vs. MBP vs. older/newer).

It has cutouts for the openings in the case, and they're all right on. Nothing impedes normal connections/operation: the lid still closes tight, the mag-safe still connects firm, etc. The bottom also has nice rubber feet integrated right in, so it grips really well. I tugged on it after installation and it seems very secure.

One kind of cool [aesthetic] side effect, is the Apple logo and front indicator lights now glow a case matching red. If the brightness of the Apple logo has ever been an issue, this helps diffuse it quite a bit.

This should prevent scratched on most of the machine, provide better grip when moving it around and should provide a bit of protection from major hits.

I can snap some pics if anything is interested, but there are plenty of product shots all over the web.