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    Interesting tool to fix a crunchy trackpad
    I just discovered an excellent way of fixing a "crunchy" trackpad on my 15" MBP.

    Problem: the left side of my trackpad would have a crunchy feel, almost like a click-and-a-half. took it to my nearest Apple store and the nicely took out the battery and cleaned out behind the trackpad. Didn't really work. I thought the trackpad was shot.

    Solution: In looking on the interwebs for a solution someone suggested a piece of paper worked for the raised buttons on a Powerbook. So I used the same tool, a piece of paper, on my MBP trackpad. Simply take the edge of the paper in the small groove around the edge. It dislodged whatever was causing the crunch (not Cap'n Crunch morsels, mind you) and restored the precise "click" that I have come to love in my trackpad, which I generally worship anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thanxal View Post
    ...(not Cap'n Crunch morsels, mind you) ...
    Maybe pizza crust crumbs!

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