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    Unhappy 2006 Macbook Startup Issue?
    Hi all,

    I recently have had trouble starting up my 2006 Macbook 13". Upon pressing the power button the screen blinks, DVD drive makes noise, fans start and HD spins but there is no chime and the screen stays blank. I've tried all the fixes on the apple website including resetting PRAM and removing RAM, trying to boot with and without battery. I know my power cord is fine and apple won't fix it for any less than $800 because of water damage on the LCD screen. I'm afraid this may be a logic board issue (in which case I'd just replace the computer). The first time I had this issue it resolved itself after me attempting to start it about 10 times and later that night (after closing the computer without shutting it down) the problem occurred again and it has not recovered.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any way I could definitely tell that it was a Logic Board issue, or if there were any possible causes of this issue?

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    Pull the hard drive out of the machine. Then see if you can start it with your original install DVD (probably Tiger). If you can't start it with the DVD and the HDD is out of the machine, that might indicate either the DC input board is bad or as you said the logic board.

    If the machine has already taken a spill and it's a 2006 MB, I wouldn't be inclined to spend any money on repairing it. Let us know.

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