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Thread: Macbook Camera randomly disconnecting

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    Angry Macbook Camera randomly disconnecting
    Hey im having an issue with the built in isight and I have no idea whats going on. It works fine most of the time but 5/10 times Ill open up photo booth and it will say there is no connected camera and I make sure I have no other apps open using it. It will randomly come back within a day or 2. How do I manually fix it? thanks

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    I have repaired 2 macbooks in this same situation. Most likely you are going to be looking at a connection problem. How old is the macbook? Have you or anyone else ever taken it apart for service? It is very easy to position the wires for the webcam and microphone incorrectly when re-assembling. They can then be pinched in the hinge. Over time this will cut the insulation of the wire and cause it to ground out and your camera to stop working. Opening and closing the lid will sometimes cause the wire to shift and the camera begin to work correctly again.

    Try opening and closing the lid several times the next time that it stops working. If it begins to function again, this is most likely the problem.
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