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Thread: Does the Macbook Pro still overheat?

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    Does the Macbook Pro still overheat?
    I am looking to buy a 15" Macbook Pro as my first foray in to Macs (Win7 getting up my nose). What worries me is the reports that these, and a lot of other Apple hardware, run very hot. Apparently this is due to Apple daubing thermal paste everywhere (which is obviously an insulator when there is too much).

    Overheating MacBook Pro - mystery solved | techPowerUp

    Is this still the case? If I buy a £1600 Macbook then it has to be better in every way than my £500 Asus, which is a cool runner with the same i5 processor.

    Thanks in advance folks.

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    That was 4 years ago! Problems of this nature are long gone....

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    They are still "noticeably" warmer than most laptops/notebooks, but don't actually run hotter than anything other, it's just that since the inside of the computer is made out of the same piece of metal that is also on the outside(the uni-body) the heat dissipates everywhere, something that is not noticeable on a regular laptop that has a steel structure with a plastic wrapping(doesn't absorb heat, making it seem like the laptop is running cool).
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