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    Odd line on MacBook Pro Screen
    I have a new 13 inch macbook pro that I bought last month and I am running Snow Leopard on it. I have a 32 inch flatscreen tv that I like to plug my MBP into to watch movies using a Mini DisplayPort to VGA converter. After plugging it in, the quality on the T.V. is good but I am noticing some lines running through the screen of my MBP. These lines aren't prominent and it's like one line that comes up every 30 seconds or so, depending on what I am watching. It doesn't show up on my tv, just my MBP. Could this be a problem that could get worse with time and has anyone had a similar experience? It there a way to resolve it without taking it to my local apple reseller?


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    Hello - Welcome to the forums,

    that doesn't really sound right at all, I'm not to sure what it could be, but if it continues to appear to have that line, then I would perhaps book in to see one of them at the apple store, if they can't fix it, then they will replace it I think as its under the warranty. Shouldn't really happen after a month.

    Although, there maybe a simple solution to fix it that i'm not aware off.

    Cheers, hope your problem gets resolved.

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