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    Exclamation 13inch MBP + DVI-HDMI to External Monitor Help!!
    I have a 13 inch MBP with a 2.4 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo and 4 GB of ram that i purchased earlier this summer about july 2010. I just got a new monitor to hook up to my MBP. The monitor is a ASUS ML228 LED it has a vga and HDMI inputs on the back. I have a mini dvi to hdmi going into the monitor. But when I set my resolution to 1080i in the system settings everything looks fine except the screen is flickering. And at any other resolution everything is either way to big or the monitor just does not show the picture. Is there anything I can do to change this?

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    Have you tried the mini-DVI to VGA adapter and plugging into the VGA input?

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    You say you're using a Mini DVI, however, your MBP has a Mini Display Port output. You should be using a Mini Display Port adapter to either VGA or HDMI to the ASUS. If you have flickering at the 1920 x 1080 resolution, it may be that you're not using the correct cable or adapter.

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    Need correct adapter for sure. For a lot of the TV sets from the last 2 years, you also need to make sure the HDMI cable you use is rated as a "high speed" HDMI rather than "standard". You should be using 1080p from a computer on that monitor, not 1080i.

    If you're using an old HDMI cable you already had, and you're not seeing 1080p (or 1920x1080 that is detected by the TV as p vs. i) as an option, I'd replace the cable. Ratings are as follows

    Standard HDMI: 1080i up to 15'
    High Speed HDMI: 1080p up to 25'
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