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Thread: Hard Drive reformatting problems

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    Hard Drive reformatting problems
    I recently installed windows 7 through boot camp for games and such, but my partition size was not big enough. I searched for solutions other than deleting the partition but found none. Now I have deleted the partition, but when trying to create a new one, I get a message saying the partition could not be made because some files cannot be moved (or something along those lines). So I have read that I need to erase the hard drive and reformat, but disk utility has the erase section grayed out and I cannot click it, in fact I have no options for the hard drive at all. Seriously frustrated, never had a problem with mac oscx until now and this seems to trivial for something of this os.

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    In order to use Disk Utility to erase the hard drive (and restore using your Time Machine backup) you must first boot the machine from your original install DVD. You can not erase the drive while you're booted from it.

    Also, you didn't look hard enough to find a solution to increase the size of your Boot Camp partition without destroying data. CampTune from Paragon software does just that. ($19.95)

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