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Thread: Not working PowerBook G4?

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    Hi! So, i have this powerbook G4 15 i got from my uncle. He said it was somthing wrong with the power on it, and he did'nt have an charger because it was broken. So i tried using a 24v dc car charger (the mac took 24,5v) and on first try, nothing happened , and the mac woudnt turn on. So i tried putting it the different way (dumb me and then the power connector started to smoke. I took the plug out in full speed, and was So what should i do now? Is it possible that the DCIN- board, or is it both the dc and logic board that is broken? i do NOT want to try to screw it up, because it is my first mac

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    More than likely just the power board, but with something as "unique" as this who knows where it could have spread, try a new power board, if not, could be a lot worse.

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