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    New harddrive perhaps
    Hi guys

    Just upgraded to 10.6.5 from 10.4.11 on macbookpro of 2g ram and 100mb 4500rpm hard drive. Processor is 2.12 ghz.

    I only have adobe master suite (cs5) installed and have alot of space on hd but the tracking-mouse pad on the comp keeps stalling and being a bit temperemental.

    If I upgraded my hd to 7200 rpm would that help or in all honestly would the difference be minimal due to the age of my comp...?

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    Upgrading to a 7200 RPM drive will make a difference especially going from one that's spinning at 4200 RPM. However, don't expect miracles.

    I'm not sure which MBP you have but it's more than likely limited to either 2 GB or 3 GB of memory so there's not much more you can do to speed it up that way.

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    Dec 16, 2010
    Im running 2gb and thats the max the machine will allow.

    Will a new hard drive fix the trackpad issues....?

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    Generic solution...but call the apple support line. I was running 10.4.xx when I bought my iPhone 4 in July. I quickly found out I had to be running a certain version of iTunes that required 10.6.5 in order to sync my phone to the computer.

    I called apple customer support and they told me to go buy the $30 snow leopard upgrade CD. The said my 1 GB of RAM will work, but they strongly recommend me upgrade to 2 GB RAM (which I'm hoping to do with a Christmas present). They also told me that when I do upgrade to snow leopard to call them and let them know, because it comes with 90 days of customer service.

    I'm guessing you're still within those 90 they should be able to help you with your problem. I've always been very impressed with their customer service. They had me at their mercy. I couldn't use my iPhone to its full capabilities without upgrading to snow leopard. They could have had me pay over $100 for the installation disk, but instaed they just told me to run to a store and get the upgrade disk. I even asked if they were sure that would work, giving them another opportunity to say,"Well, now that I think about it, you need to..." but they didn't. Always putting the customer first.

    *EDIT: I've made virtually the same upgrade you have, except I have a pretty full 120 GB HD and I'm pretty sure it's 5400 RPM. I'm still running on 1 GB of RAM and have not really seen any drastic difference in computer speed or functionality since i upgraded to snow leopard. My top two wishes for Xmas are another GB of RAM and a 640 GB, 7200 RPM HDD. After installing those I'll come back and let you know how much of a difference they made.

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    Cheers dude :-)

    I think a hard drive might be the best option when things become unbearable but at the moment things are ok.

    1gb ram.. wow, that extra gb is gonna help you quite alot I think

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