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    The other day, I downloaded an Iron Maiden style font for a project I was doing. All the webtext on my computer was then changed into font, making it unreadable. As I was deleting the font, I accidentally put my full font folder into the trash can too. My Macbook gave me an alert about deleting the files so I dragged it to my desktop really quick and attempted to delete the Maiden font.

    My Macbook gave me an error saying I could not delete the font because it was being used by other applications so I tried restarting my Macbook because that would close all applications.

    When I got to the login screen, there was no text and I could type, but nothing would show up. I typed in my name and password. It did not appear but when I pushed enter, it allowed me to login.

    When I got logged into the computer I saw that there was absolutely no text anywhere. None of the files are named and I cannot type anything. When I open my web browser there is no text on the web pages.

    I managed to find the text files on my Macbook by clicking around and opening them but I am not sure where to put them to resolve this issue.

    I do not have access to the disks that came with my Macbook.

    Can anyone help me? Please!

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    1. Go to the nearest Apple reseller and buy a copy of Snow Leopard. $30.

    2. Reinstall the system (it will automatically do an archive and install).

    3. Update back to 10.6.5. That should fix the issue.

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