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    Fresh install of OSX on new SSD?
    Hi, ive just bought a SSD for my macbook pro and would like a fresh copy of OSX installed on it.

    I can put back ups of photos ect onto an external HDD

    My question is; how do i install OSX onto the new drive?

    Do i fit the new drive, put the disk in and turn it on?


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    Quote Originally Posted by slimbo011 View Post
    Do i fit the new drive, put the disk in and turn it on?

    Pretty much! When you turn it on hold "C" and it should boot to the disc, then you can install the OS from there.
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    Here's what I would do.
    -Put the os cd in the drive while still on the old OS screen and harddrive.
    -Turn it off.
    -Then replace the old harddrive with the new ssd.
    -Hold down the "option" key while booting so it lets you pick to boot off the cd.
    -Then, follow the simple steps until it takes you to the page that gives you a top menu bar.
    -Go to the "Disk Utility" button so that you can partition/format the drive(you will need to).
    -After that, just exit out of the Disk Utility program, and the install you prompt you for your next step.
    -Grab a refreshing drink while you wait!
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