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Thread: Video codecs?

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    Video codecs?
    I recently reformatted my MBP and because I set the thing up with all of the software more than two years ago, I had forgotten where I'd found the video codec pack(s) that I had installed. Now I'm finding many file types that won't play, even in VLC. Would someone be so kind as to point me to some of the resources I may need to get everything in working order again as far as video playback goes?

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    Usually using the latest version of VLC and Perian works for most people.

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    Or from your Backup ....... Which you do have dont you ??
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    I do have a backup. But the only thing I had installed that showed up in applications was Flip4Mac. The codecs were all installed behind the scenes I guess.

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    Flip4Mac WMV Player and Perian is all you need, all free.

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