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    SSD and Ex HDD options?
    I would like to upgrade to a ssd. However i dont want to be shelling out 750 for a smaller HD than i have now..

    So.. Could i get a 128GB SSD and use a firewire ex HDD for the bulk of my files?

    I have never used firewire or an external HDD on my mac so i dont know how well they will integrate and how fast it will be..

    Anyone else done anything similar?


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    An external drive, even firewire 800, is not going to give you the performance and speed of an internal drive. However, if you're thinking of using a SSD as an internal drive and a FW external for data storage, the speed and performance won't really matter.

    My opinion regarding SSD drives is that until prices come down and OS X supports TRIM (OS X Lion), I'm going to continue using a standard 7200 RPM drive. I can get a lot more bang for my $ or using a standard drive than a SSD. I may sacrifice some speed and performance, but since I'm not a number cruncher or graphic designer, to me it doesn't matter.

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    A possibility you might want to look into is installing a SSD in addition to the HDD you currently have. Both internally

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    Firewire is pretty quick relative to USB v2. SSD's are quick as well. I run a 128GB SSD internally on my Mac Mini and an external FW800 RAID with dual 7200rpm SATA drives. For me it's plenty quick. YRMV.
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