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    just got my new macbook pro 13" and im going to be deploying gets to be around 130 in the day time where im going and i just wanted some insight on a good cooler...ive looked at some but im not really sure since theres no fans exposed on the bottom...any help would be nice...

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    Yea, a standard cooler wouldn't do much good.

    These are some of the ones that might work. (emphasis on might. many notebook enthusiasts use a Zalman NC2000 - myself included - or a Cryo NX LX, but without external fans, it's difficult. These same notebook enthusiasts have claimed to use these before and they were pieces of garbage. Look at your own risk, lol) Targus AWE45US HeatDefense for Laptops (Gray/Black): Electronics

    This is a link to the NC2000 - - ZALMAN Notebook Cooler Model ZM-NC2000 Black which again won't do much as there are no vents under the MBP
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