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    Cooling Pad For a 2007 MacBook Pro
    So I have a 2007 MacBook Pro 15 inch and I have been thinking about getting a cooling pad for. I am an engineering student and have to run a lot of simulations that can really keep my computer running hot for long periods of time. I was wondering do cooling pads really help and if there a brand or model that you would recommend for me. Thanks

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    I use a usb fan.

    This does however require a table and drains battery.

    I have seen cooling pads but from what I've heard they are not that great

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    I've been using Targus products for a while now and they definitely help. I bought one back in the day because an Alienware laptop I owned kept overheating. If I put the chill mat underneath it - it wouldn't overheat. I now have one for every laptop just so I can work on it on my lap. Note - the Targus products I am talking about are vented cooling pads with a usb fan built in.

    Logitech also makes some that come with speakers and a fan. I've been thinking about one of those but haven't personally tried it.

    If you mean just straight up pads that are supposed to absorb heat without a fan - I've heard the same thing - they work for a little bit but then cannot keep up and end up being gel.

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