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    Brand new MBA battery life indicator less than accurate
    I purchased a brand new MBA a month ago and since opening it, the time remaining numbers on the battery indicator are all over the place. If I am surfing the web at all it will stay constant, then if I take a 5 sec break then it will jump up like 2 some odd hours(very random increments). and sometimes it will just calculate for a couple minutes. Any ideas?

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    If you just bought your MBA then did you calibrate the battery by fully draining the battery and then fully charge it? Battery gauges aren't as accurate when the battery is not calibrated.

    Also if you use the time remaining indicator then it will still jump around somewhat because depending on what you do with your computer it will shorten the time remaining. For example if you do something more demanding then it will shorten the time and of course if you do nothing then it will recalculate that you will have more time remaining. In other words it's not a psychic so it has to make time remaining predictions based on how much energy you are currently using.

    This is why I prefer to use the percentage indicator rather than the time remaining indicator. It doesn't jump up and down but rather just shows the power charge percentage that is left in the battery. When you use your laptop long enough you will get a sense of how much time you will have left based on the percentage and what you are currently doing on your computer.

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