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    Exclamation a question for experienced macbook users!
    my mac just shut down as I tried to move a battery adapter!
    something like this already happened few times before, and i took it to the apple center. the guy just restarted it completely (but saved my files), and it wasn't happening for some time. i also have a problem with a battery adapter, way too often the light is off and won't charge my computer. i tried cleaning it, changing the plug, but it just works randomly. when it shuts down and i turn it on again, it says date&time has been changed to 1.1.2008., every time. it can't connect to the internet unless i type a wap password.
    i really don't know much about computers, but i tried finding the solution on the internet, and all i could understand and recognize (english is not my mother tongue) is that this has to do something with "inside" battery. is this correct?
    what could cause this? overheating or something else? i care about my laptop, except i use it sometimes while i'm in bed, and i read it's bad for it's cooling :S
    i have it for less than a year, and... um... stupid me lost warranty paper.

    great thanks!

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    Are you just moving the adapter or actually unplugging it?

    What does your battery health indicator say? If you click on the battery icon in the upper right of your menu bar, it should give you an option to view the health percentage. If your battery is not charging, it's either an issue with your adapter or with your battery. You could try taking it to the Apple Store (or anyplace that has an AUTHORIZED Apple repair center) and have them try another adapter or another battery.

    If you're regularly using the Macbook in bed, I can see how that might have some effect on the battery. Maybe you've simply worn it down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zonzee View Post
    i have it for less than a year, and... um... stupid me lost warranty paper.
    Even if you've lost your paperwork, Apple should have it on their system via the serial number when it was purchased.
    Just put your serial number in the following link.

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    well, first i try to "fit" it, make some connection, and if that doesn't work, i try "unplug/plug back" method, and it actually works most of the times. maybe the magnet is worn, i dunno :S and i think you're right, it's probably worn down.
    i'm taking my macbook to the apple center (it's authorized, one of two centers in my city) tomorrow, they have to do something this time...
    thank you for the answer!

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    oh thank you, my dad was freaking out because of that! thank you!

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