i really hope someone can help me out of this

i have a Powerbook 15inch 1GHz Aluminium FW800 laptop that originally started with a flickering led problem on the ac adaptor. it had done this on and off over the years as the ac adptors are not well made and have a 12-18 month life span. also i stupidly used to twist the connector around in order the power to connect when the adaptor used to first show signs of a pronblem.

anyway after realising there muct be a problem with the dc card (since i tried 2 new ac adptors that i thought were faulty) i purchased a new dc\sound card but cocked that one up by damaging some of its transistors. So i ended up buying a 1.33 powerbook that had a damaged lcd off of ebay. last night i replaced the dc board and have made sure everything is securely connected but its not powering up and the lights on the ac adaptor are not lighting up.

this whole process started in january 2010 so it was sitting around for nearly a year.

can the pram be the problem. i have tried it with the pram from the 1.33 pbook and still nothing even though i dont know how long that pbook was out of use...how long does ıit take of non-usage for pram to die?

im now getting desparate and need help\guidance\advice...any would be hugely appreciate